Peter Goodman


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Peter Goodman is a Manual Osteopath and sports-injury trained massage therapist with 32 years of experience treating chronic pain and all levels of injury—including athletic injuries for both amateur and elite athletes.  Peter served as the first Principal of the Halifax Osteopathic Campus of the College d’Etude Osteopathique, where he continues to teach and oversees the clinical training of osteopathic students. Peter is co-founder of EastWind Health Associates, one of the first multi-disciplinary integrative health clinics in Nova Scotia, opening in 1989.

Additionally, Peter is a Professional Counsellor and Transactional Analyst, with 34 years of clinical experience. He has certification in the treatment of addictions, post-traumatic stress disorder, and conflict resolution. He practices contemplative psychotherapy with individuals, couples, families, and groups.  

Peter has lived in Nova Scotia since 1989, raising four daughters with his wife and life-partner Mary Goodman. He has been a mindfulness meditation practitioner for 44 years and also holds a 3rd degree Black Belt in the martial arts discipline of TaeKwonDo.

The core view of Peter’s therapeutic approach is that all human beings possess genuine health and human dignity. These are innate qualities that can never be destroyed.

It would be my pleasure to support you in your healing process, schedule a time here and get started.

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