Osteopathic Manual Therapy and Massage Therapy

Osteopathy:  Strengthen vitality, rather than manage disease symptoms

Founded in 1874 by Dr. Andrew Still, M.D., Osteopathy is a natural approach to health-care based on a key paradigm shift: remove the underlying causes of pain and illness, rather than manage symptoms. This allows the body’s inherent self-healing ability to resume. Symptoms, whether involving pain, restricted movement, digestive distress, fatigue, headaches, stress, etc., often represent the “end of the story”, and can be far removed from the causal factors. There may be several factors contributing to the experienced distress. 

The Osteopathic practitioner examines the complex interconnectedness of the whole body’s many systems, as a single unit. A highly trained sense of touch, biomechanical analysis, and other tests are used to identify and correct structural imbalance and other restrictions within the body.  When all the body's components are in balance, the body’s self-healing ability is restored, and continues to function without requiring further intervention. 

Osteopaths use many types of soft tissue and joint manipulation. Critical consideration is given to help the body's fluids (such as blood and lymphatic fluid) and neural signals flow smoothly. This reduces harmful fluid retention with accompanying waste buildup in the tissues and makes the body's immune system more effective, thus enhancing health. 

“I had been suffering from chronic pain related to an accident for 4 years when a friend recommended I see Peter. Osteopathy was something I had been wanting to try but didn’t know where to start. In the few short months that I have been seeing Peter, I have made incredible gains. Peter’s holistic health approach has had a positive impact on all aspects of my life. I am no longer taking any medications and am back to do doing the things I enjoy. Osteopathy has essentially given me my life back!” JM 19 Nov ‘16

Osteopathic treatment techniques include:

1.      Myofascial, Connective Tissue & Neuromuscular Therapies - returns muscles and fascia to their original length, thus removing strain from joints and organs;

2.      Cranial Osteopathy - attends to the underlying biorhythm and motion of the dural membranes and fluid which surround and invest the brain and spinal cord, and which influence cellular exchange throughout the whole body;

3.      Visceral Mobilization - relieves stressful forces acting on internal organs or their suspensory ligaments, which improves mobility & blood flow, and helps the organ function more effectively;

4.      Osteoarticular corrections - gentle realignment of bony joints to encourage efficient weight bearing and movement, and normalize associated function;

5.      Muscle Energy Technique - relaxes tight muscles and reeducates the nervous system, which both controls muscle activity and greatly influences circulation. 

Who can benefit from Osteopathy?

  • People of all ages suffering with digestive disorders, or chronic illness
  • Anyone with repetitive strain injuries, or post-accident
  • Newborns, infants, toddlers; children of all ages


A year ago, on the suggestion of a friend, I went to my first osteopath appointment with Peter Goodman. I was feeling overwhelmed and unable to manage stress. I had no knowledge of osteopathy, and did not know what to expect from my initial appointments. After my first treatment, I left the office feeling like the tension I’ve held in my shoulders had melted away and the fog I had been living in was lifted. I feel completely at ease sharing my struggles with Peter. He listens without judgement and offers wise council, which has helped me find balance and serenity in my daily life. The relief I have experienced by going to EastWind has far exceeded my expectations.” Laura 4 Dec ‘16
I went in with terrible back and hip pain, my body felt like it was overall falling apart and I was very disconnected from it. The sessions has helped in unexpected ways, it has brought forth lots of trauma I held in my body in a positive and empowering way. Brought attention to my emotional disconnect from it and how I associated with my body. The words I’d use to describe it and my resistance I held within. With a great mix of mind-body healing, I’ve experienced great breakthroughs.” Michele 29 Nov ‘16

On the Web: 

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